Easy Denture™ - Self Fitting - FlexFit - Nuvoflex Material - Patient - 5 Minute Boil, Set and Smile

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Denture Type
Product Sizing
Small/Medium - fits less than 150 lbs
Medium/Large - fits 150 lbs or more


With Easy Denture™, we’ve reduced the time AND the cost with our industry-setting dentures that you custom fit to your mouth in less than 5 minutes with nothing more than hot water.

Easy Denture™ is made from a patent-pending blend of PMMA (acrylic) that is pliable and moldable. The multi-layered design enables strength, support, and a new level of comfort. Plus, the teeth and gum base provide a rigid skeleton similar to traditional dentures, while still maintaining a soft, compliant layer that allows for customized adjusting and superior fit.

With Easy Denture™, you can:

  • Eliminate multiple adjustment visits
  • Customize and refit up to 20 times
  • Have a complete set of dentures at 50-75% of the cost of traditional dentures
  • Have a custom smile in less than 5 minutes

Product Sizing:

  • Small/Medium fits less than 150 lbs.
  • Medium/Large fits 150 lbs. or more

FlexFit, Nuvoflex